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My studio is also a workshop.

A studio for me and my jewelry creations, a workshop for my partner and our four-wheeled companions. A sales area, an after-work lounge, a favorite place and a meeting place. Ma(n)n is creative where you feel comfortable.

The young and oldtimers that are right next to my desk inspire me and are full of memories from the most beautiful days of the year. I only fly in my thoughts, I feel most comfortable on two or four wheels to get ahead...and the older the vehicle, the more emotions are involved.

For me, sustainability means taking care of things. Here is repaired and preserved, polished and cared for and driven out on beautiful summer days.

The jewelery that I have ready for you is as unique as the combination of auto finds and silver gemstone creations that meet the pulse of the times.

Come by for a coffee and feel good in an ambience of craftsmanship, tradition and passion for beauty. We look forward to your registration by email or telephone.

Tel:  079 693 71 58

Weisbrod area 3

8915 Hausen am Albis

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