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About me

Creativity is a part of my life. Not tinkering, but traditional craftsmanship, developed over the years. All the materials I work with are of natural origin and have lain deep in the earth for thousands of years. Starting with  silver to natural stones from the Swiss Alps to precious stones from all over the world. All pieces of jewelery from my collection consist exclusively of sterling silver (925), fine silver (999), stainless steel and real stones. I am particularly fascinated by this combination of silver and gemstones because I am convinced that the power of these (healing) stones resonates in everyone. 

All it takes is to let yourself in and open up.


In my studio in Hausen am Albis, new jewelery treasures are constantly being created. It gives me incredible pleasure to create new works of art or to fulfill a customer's request with a special one-off. You don't know which stone you want to have processed into a piece of jewellery? The solution is simple: let your intuition guide you. The stone that speaks to you is the stone that will do you good.

Come by and let yourself be inspired...I'd be happy to advise you.

...when the eagle soars through the air, I'm on my way too. Call me or send me an email for a non-binding appointment, I look forward to seeing you!

Phone 079 693 71 58

Weisbrod area 3

8915 Hausen am Albis 



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